Ground/Dark? KROOKODILE?


Fairy/Poison! I’ve got a unique, unused type combination! Defensive too.



Ground/Dark? KROOKODILE?


Fairy/Poison! I’ve got a unique, unused type combination! Defensive too.



Welcome to Epochemon, a new community driven fakemon region that has a bit of a different approach (I think). The blog’s name is a play on words Pokemon (duh) and Epoch, which I have defined below for those of you unfamiliar with it and it’s meaning.

Epoch [iːpɒk].

  • A particular period of time in history or a person’s life

  • The beginning of a period in the history of someone or something.

Now the meaning of this word is significant to this region as it will be taking place in a very different time than any previous games (or fakemon regions as far as I know)… we are blasting off into the future!

However, while I have already made an executive decision to place the region in the future, I will leave it up to the community to decide on which of these possible ‘settings’ the region will have!

  1. Dystopia
    Choosing this option will place the region in a dystopian future where humans are struggling to survive. The world is polluted, natural resources are running low, some places might be inhabitable due to radiation and the economy has crashed meaning many are extremely poor. Needless to say, humanity appears to be on the brink of extinction. 

    There are many approaches that can be used in such a world to build an interesting story

  2. Intergalactic
    Following WWIII the earth became inhabitable due to the extreme amounts of radiation on the planet caused by nuclear weapons. Humanity is now surviving in space and the “region” would either be located on a single gigantic space station, OR on several smaller space stations (and maybe even other planets).

    This can give rise to some pretty interesting plot lines, characters and, of course, Pokemon.

The poll will close on the 22nd of April, meaning you have one week to get your votes in. Remember that you may only vote for ONE of these options, any more and your vote will NOT be counted.

This is an insanely important poll as it will essentially decide what kind of place the “region” will be set in, so make sure to get your votes in and decide the fate of this region!


“Prehistoric Sky Whales" - aka dragonfish.
Prehistoric sky whales are one of those animals that just sort of always has it’s fucking mouth open. 


Prehistoric Sky Whales" - aka dragonfish.

Prehistoric sky whales are one of those animals that just sort of always has it’s fucking mouth open.


Design Contest #2: Regional Flying-Type Art Submissions!



The time has now come to start work on the Regional Flying-type!

  • Your design must be based on a Tapejara or Tupandactylus, though the final stage can also be based off Thalassodromeus or Tupuxuara.
  • There must be three stages, and the type of the first stage must be Normal/Flying. The primary type of the second and third stages can be whatever you choose, but the secondary type MUST be Flying for all stages.
  • You can enter up to three designs as long as they fit the conditions above.
  • All submissions must be your own original work; anyone who submits plagiarized work will be banned from future contests. All stages must also be in the same image for organization purposes.
  • You may submit hand-drawn, digitally drawn art, or sprites created manually (I’ll only accept fusions as reference material for others). You can also send in verbal descriptions for other artists to use as a guide.
  • In general, do not send in ideas based off of copyrighted characters. However, considering that this entry will be based off a pterosaur, and that there seems to be a tradition of basing Pokemon designs off of Japanese kaiju, I’ll accept entries inspired by Rodan along with the base species (I’m not sure if there’s any other canonical kaiju explicitly based on a pterosaur but if there are then you can use them as inspiration as well).
  • In addition, avoid designing an entry that’s too similar to Aerodactyl, the canonical Ptero Soarer Pokemon. While not a strict requirement, avoiding the “airborne (p)terror” route is a good idea, and it’s okay to base your design on realistic pterosaur anatomy as long as it looks believable as a Pokemon.
  • Your design must not evolve to or from any other Pokemon, canon or otherwise.
  • You can give your design names, abilities, and other suggested Pokédex information, but the community can suggest to change it should it win.

I’ll be out of town (abroad in fact) starting from April 29, so the deadline for this contest is May 22. Take your time making your design; when you’re ready, please turn it in using the submit page.

Best wishes, everyone! Oh, by the way, the contest for this region’s Starters is still going - you have until April 26 (less than two weeks left!) to get your entries in! Stop by this page for the full details!

Regional Flying-Type Creature Results



It looks like the winning genus, and the one we will use as the basis for our three-stage Flying type, is… Tapejara/Tupandactylus!

From the Wikipedia article:

Tapejara (from a Tupi word meaning “the old being”) is a genus of Brazilianpterosaur from the Cretaceous Period (Santana Formation, dating to about 108 Ma ago). Tapejara crests consisted of a semicircular crest over the snout, and a bony prong which extended back behind the head.

The type species and only one currently recognized as valid by most researchers, T. wellnhoferi, is the smallest species to have been assigned to Tapejara and does not preserve evidence of soft-tissue crest extensions. The specific name honours German paleontologist Peter Wellnhofer. A second species, originally named Tapejara imperator (“emperor”), is much larger and possessed a crest made up of distinctively long prongs, projecting from the rounded snout crest and the back of the skull, which supported a large, possibly rounded sail-like crest of keratin. A third species, Tapejara navigans (“sailing”), was mid-sized and sported a similar crest to T. imperator, though narrower and more dome-shaped, that lacked the backwards-pointing bony support prong.

Several studies in 2007 showed that T. imperator and T. navigans are too different from T. wellnhoferi and therefore require their own genus names. The species T. imperator was given its own genus, Tupandactylus, by Kellner and Campos. Unwin and Martill found that T. imperator and T. navigans belong in the same genus, and named them Ingridia imperator and I. navigans, respectively. The genus name honoured Wellnhofer’s late wife Ingrid. Because Tupandactylus was named first, it retains priority over the name Ingridia. To complicate matters, both the name Tupandactylus and Ingridia used the former Tapejara imperator as their type species. The scientists who described Tupandactylus did not name a Tupandactylus navigans (but instead suggested it was synonymous to Tupandactylus imperator), and Tapejara navigans was not formally reclassified as a distinct species of Tupandactylus until 2011.

Since Tapejara and Tupandactylus were actually submitted as a single suggestion, and since they’re so closely related, I felt it necessary to merge the two into the same contestant genus while compiling the votes. You can use either of the two genera as inspiration for your design. If you feel like you want to branch out, I’ll also allow the final forms to be based on the related tapejarids Thalassodromeus and Tupuxuara as well.

I will set up the design poll for our regional Flying-type shortly!


i’ve seen dinosaurs drawn with modern bird plumage but what about modern birds with retro dinosaur scales

this is a Phoenicopterus


Pit’s Final Smash: The Three Sacred Treasures

Higher Quality gifs: 1, 2, 3


Common Flying Type - Genus Voting Poll

It looks like we’ve got ten lucky entrants for our common Flying-type (for which we have enough fossil evidence to reasonalby reconstruct their appearance, that is)! Now the question is, which one should we pick?

Since there are enough candidates, I’ve decided that you get to vote twice. Voting ends tomorrow, so don’t forget to make up your mind soon!

  1. Feilongus
  2. Pterodaustro
  3. Gnathosaurus
  4. Germanodactylus
  5. Dusungaripterus
  6. Tropeognathus
  7. Tapejara
  8. Tupandactylus
  9. Campylognathoides
  10. Dimorphodon

Which genus do you want as the basis for our regional Flying-type?



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Elsa of Arendelle - Do You Wanna Build a Snowman (Wedding reprise)
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