For the “All Yesterdays” contest that’s going on (and drawing to a close in about a week or so). I made two entries which I thought were good, so I thought I’d put ‘em up here and provide some brief descriptions as well. Enjoy~ :).

FIGURE 1: “Right in the Kisser”

Flushing his plates and flaring his eyespots, a resident male Stegosaurus stenops fends off a younger challenger. According to Robert T. Bakker, stegosaurus could rear up on its hind legs and prop itself up on its tail, rather like a kangaroo. Kangaroos fight with each other through ritualized “boxing” matches by pawing and kicking at each other. Stegosaurs don’t have the legs for kicking, but their forelimbs are powerful for maneuvering their tails. Modern deer and horses will strike at each other with their fore-feet, rearing up to do so, so it’s not unreasonable to think that stegosaurs may have done the same.

FIGURE 2: “See Food Differently”

An Archaeopteryx lithographica surfaces to swallow a generic teleost fish he has caught. I chose to portray this species as a swimming and diving animal, using its wings to propel itself through the water like hoatzins and comorants do, steering with slightly webbed feet and that long tail. The coloration is based on a Great Comorant albeit with a pelican-like throat pouch to aid in swallowing prey.

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